#3 Korean’s Dig Soju

8 Sep
Soju, distilled Korean alcoholic beverage

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It’s just after 8 on a Wednesday morning.  The sun is steadily rising above the high rise apartment buildings that decorate my 25 minute walk to school.  Just past the second hill I am greeted by the usual suspects.  Usually three or four groups of Ajoshi’s (olde men) that squat in a circle playing one or other game and . . . drinking Soju.

Korean’s dig Soju.  They can’t get enough of this potent vodka tasting spirit.  They drink it about as often as they eat Kimchi.  Ajoshi’s drink it at sunrise, men at work drink it during lunch and the rest of Korea joins in at dinner.  Soju is made of rice  and contains a lot of sugar.  Soju is readily available everywhere in Korea and is dirt cheap.

It is estimated that the average Korean above the age of 20 consumes roughly 90 300ml bottles of this 25 – 40% alcohol beverage.  No joke.  Why they love it so much no one knows.  Soju is also the cause of what is known as the ‘korean blackout’.  It is not uncommon to find many Koreans completely passed out on the side of the street.  Koreans consume so much Soju that spontaneous drunken pass out is their destiny.

Koreans also advocate that Soju can solve all problems.  Even the TV ads make men believe that Soju will make all woman beautiful.  And even though there are no restrictions on woman drinking Soju, it seems that Soju consumption is a very manly thing to do among your male friends.  Soju is most often taken neat in a shot glass, but Koreans have invented other ways to divulge in this liquid devil.  Someak is Soju and and beer mixed.  By doing this it is clear that the consumer has only one thing in mind and that is to get completely annihilated.  As the combination of meakju (beer) and Soju is lethal.  And even though Koreans may all seem like raging alcoholics they will never miss a day of work because of a hangover.

Korean’s dig Soju.


2 Responses to “#3 Korean’s Dig Soju”

  1. GRRRL TRAVELER September 8, 2010 at 7:11 am #

    ha ha…so if I start going on late night binges of soju, then it would make me more beautiful huh? Ah the secret to success!

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